The Products and services offered by Métier Mixed Concrete range from standard ready mixed concrete to highly specialized concretes, such as fibre-reinforced concrete, coloured concrete, durability concrete or any other product designed specifically for our clients.

Part of Métier Mixed Concrete's commitment to its customers is to ensure that our product range is optimized by innovative research and development.  We have specialists in the field of concrete design who focus on ensuring that Métier Mixed Concrete remains at the cutting edge of concrete technology.

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All products are designed by the company’s concrete technologists and in line with SABS 1200G specifications. All aggregate raw materials are sampled and tested in line with SANS 1083. All concrete testing is undertaken by qualified laboratories. The company offers a range of products from standard concretes to pumped concrete, durability concrete, fibre reinforced concrete, light weight concrete, polished concrete and many other special concrete requirements.

Métier Mixed Concrete is capable of and has supplied many large contracts over the past years e.g.:

  • Liberty Office Complex and Hotel: 40 000m3 of concrete (2010)
  • Unilever Distribution Warehouse: 22 000m3 of concrete in 3 months (2009)
  • Ballito Shopping Mall: 25 000m3 of concrete in 6 months (80% pumped concrete) (2008)
  • RMB Office Block: 6 000m3 of concrete (2007)
  • Moses Mabhida Stadium: Special polished concretes and durability concretes (2010)
  • Princess Magogo Stadium and Harry Gwala Stadium (2010)
  • King Shaka International Airport: 30 000m3 (2010)
  • Bridges on R102: Special durability concretes with COLTO specifications (2010)
  • IPC Warehouse: One of only 2 “Super Flat” floors poured in Kwa-Zulu natal (2009)
  • Chota Motala Bridge and N3 Freeway: 40 000m3 high specification concrete (2010 – 2012)
  • Blackburn Pedestrian Suspension Bridge: High quality off shutter durable concrete
  • Transnet: Various projects (Kings Rest, Cutler, Bay 19, Bay 20 etc)
  • Ellerines Cato Ridge: Large internal “Super Flat” floors and FM2 specified floor


  • In excess of 200 000m2 of high spec Commercial warehouses - DB Schenker, John Deere, Value Logistics, Super Park, SGC, Checkers DC, 190 Barbara road, Set point warehouse, RTT, All Joy
  • Waterfall City Office Park – 12000m3
  • Improchem Founders view – 4000m3
  • Founders views office Block – 3500m3
  • Nicol Main Office block – 5000m3
  • Bryanston shopping Centre alterations – 3500m3
  • Greenstone ridge apartments – 5000m3
  • Piling and lateral support for the following buildings, 90 Rivonia road, Sasol Head Office, Princehof lecture building, Constantia Nedbank offices, Midstream Medi clinic.
  • Bruma China city shopping Centre – 6000m3
  • River Song Church parking decks – 4500m3


All standard products produced by Métier Mixed Concrete have been designed to meet the requirements of SABS 1200 G Table Mild Exposure. All raw materials used comply with the relevant SABS standards.

Métier Mixed Concrete is capable of producing a wide variety of products for various applications, with a range of strengths, and includes:

  • Fibre Concrete

    Including both synthetic and steel fibres for industrial applications. A polypropylene micro fibre reinforced ready mix concrete.

  • Decorative concretes

    Pigmented colour, polished concrete, exposed aggregates.

  • Polished Aggregate Concrete

    Concrete of chosen strength containing specially selected aggregates, in order to create a homogenous polished aggregate finish.

  • Durability concretes

    Which meet the full range of the latest durability requirmements of oxygen permeability, water absorption and chloride conductivity.

  • Geotechnical Grouts

    Tailored to suit application using plant, equipment and soil conditions.

  • Self-Compacting Concretes

    Modern architecture and sophisticated engineering requirements demanding high flow consolidating concrete.

  • Mortars and Plasters

    Ready Mix mortars Class I and II tinted mortars complying with SANS 10249.
    Ready Mix plasters tailored for both structural and aesthetic requirements.

  • Screeds

    1 Granolithic standard and tinted industrial screeds.
    2 Terrazzo screeds for polishing.

  • Light Weight concrete

    Include low density in range of 800 – 1900 kg/m³. Using both natural and artificial aggregates

  • Soilcretes

    Ready mix soilcretes are primarily used as replacement of gravel and stabilised layers and backfill material. We are able to produce dry mixes through to high flow rapid set engineered fill material.

  • High Density Concretes

    Used as radiation shields.